Scope Of Services

  • Feasibility Study

  • Regional, Rural, and Urban Development Plan Study

  • Master Plan Study

  • Basic or Outline Design Study

  • Preliminary Design

  • Process and Instrumentation Diagram

  • Project Cost Estimation

  • Simulation and Modelling

  • Design Development

  • Implementation Programmer

  • Detail Design and Construction Technical Specification

  • Tender Document

  • Technical Clarification and Tender Evaluation

  • Coordination and Supervision of Construction

  • Project Appraisals

  • Programme and Project Cost Forecast

  • Evaluation and Recommendation of Engineering Consultant

  • Appointment of Consultants

  • Legal and Financial Arrangement

  • Coordination and Approval of Design

  • Specification and Control of Project Standard

  • Project Supervision

  • Control of Finance and Other Resources

  • Approval of Project Performance

  • Project Planning and Programming

  • Review of Design and Technical Specification prepared by Consultant in Coordination, Completeness and Construct-ability

  • Review of Tender Drawing and General Specification and General Conditions

  • Evaluation and Recommendation of Tender Award on Schedule and Construction Method

  • Review of Contract Document prepared by Quantity Surveyor Consultant

  • Review of Shop Drawing especially on Coordination Aspect

  • Evaluation of Material Approval and Method Statement

  • Supervision, Coordination and Direction of Construction Work

  • Monitoring of Project Cost with S-Curve

  • Evaluation of Progress Mapping prepared by Contractor for Progress Payment

  • Coordination of Test or Start Up or Commissioning

  • Project Cost Estimation

  • Selection and Short Listing of Tenderer

  • Cost Analysis

  • Bill of Quantity and Cost Estimation of Work Package

  • Coordination of Tender Process

  • Evaluation and Recommendation of Tender Award

  • Project Cash Flow

  • Controlling and Monitoring of Project Cost

  • Cost and Financial Statement Report